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Fishing at Leka

Adventurous fishing experiences

There are many good fishing spots around Leka. The most discerning fishermen go far out to sea, often southwest of Leka and all the way to Sklinna to get the biggest catch. Fishing for large cod and halibut in particular is what attracts anglers to Leka. The largest halibut caught on a pole here weighed 195 kg (2017). It is not uncommon to catch halibut weighing 20-40 kg. There are also many other fish species, including deepwater fish like redfish, ling and cusk. Coalfish are also fun to catch on a line.

Fishing can also be made easy. Some fish can be caught just off the pier. For the children, it is fun to throw a line from the quay or from the boat dock. Here it is possible to catch both small saithe, mackerel and an occasional cod. Big crabs are also within reach just off the pier.

It is also possible to fish from the area around Madsøybrua, and from the pier itself, which is located a few hundred meters south of the pier. There are good currents through Frøviksundet, which means there is often good fishing from the shore as well. Catfish may be lurking just below the bridge. There are several nice fishing spots among the skerries that are easily accessible in our rental boats, even for people not accustomed to the sea. Our boats are safe and seaworthy, and well suited for a family of 4-5.

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A favorite place for anglers

This is the ultimate starting point for anglers and fishermen of all kinds. Nature offers intense and great sea activities, and Leka Brygge has the facilities you need.