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Outdoor life


Bike rides


Activities for the whole family

At Leka Brygge we offer activities that can easily be adapted to the whole family. How about a boat trip in Frøviksundet where you can try your luck at fishing? Or how about a mini course in kayaking and trying out kayaking on the beach? We also have bicycles, electric bikes and scooters for rent, which you can use to explore the whole of Leka if you want.

Maybe crab hunting sounds tempting? Take a quick walk up to the serpentine mountains, or swim at a nearby beach? Great food and ice cream await you and your family in the restaurant when you need a break. Welcome to us!


Norwegian holiday in Trøndelag

If you choose a Norwegian vacation and concentrate your holiday on the mainland, why not plan a shorter trip to the legendary island of Leka and Leka Brygge. Our fantastic island municipality is an attraction for many; everyone is welcome, from tourists, hikers, cycling enthusiasts to kayakers, history enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys beautiful nature with sea and mountains. Leka has been named Norway’s Geological Monument for the distinctive and reddish-yellow serpentine mountains where you will also find caves, paddling routes for kayaks and well-prepared hiking trails that offer phenomenal views.

Leka is unique. Leka must be experienced.

So: Pay Leka Brygge a visit when you reach the island!