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The Gem by the sea

About Leka Brygge

Leka Brygge is a seaside paradise on the island of Leka. This gem is the ultimate starting point for adventurous deep-sea fishing trips or delightful lazy days on the pier. The silence here invites peace of mind and tranquillity, in contrast to the great nature experiences of the ocean. The coast’s whimsical climate means you can experience calm seas or rough and high waves, all in one day.

Leka Brygge is suitable for families, individuals and companies who want to experience seaside living, renting a boat or enjoying recreation and activities at Norway’s most unique red and yellow serpentine mountains.

A favourite place for anglers

This is the ultimate starting point for anglers and fishermen of all kinds. Nature offers the most intense and greatest sea activities, and Leka Brygge has the facilities you need. Leka Brygge consists of 13 apartments and six fisherman’s cabins with a total of 113 beds.

About Leka

Leka Brygge is located in the island municipality of Leka, Trøndelag’s northernmost municipality. Leka is known for its diversity of legends, spectacular nature and is part of the UNSECO Global Geopark (Trollfjell geopark)*.

Leka has a varied landscape from the fantastic fishing villages to windswept islets and reefs in Hortavær and Sklinna, in addition to the most incredible rock formations, forests and mountains.

People have lived here for more than 10 000 years. Sagaøya island can offer cave paintings in Solsemhula, Norway’s largest ship mound from the Viking Age Herlaugshaugen, and the Skeisnesset culture trail: a beautiful, protected cultural landscape on the northeast side of the island.

The municipal coat-of-arms symbolizes the day in 1932 when a 3 ½-year-old girl, Svanhild, disappeared in the claws of an eagle and was found alive and well again on a mountain ledge. The island has been chosen as a Norwegian Geological National Monument due to the wild, red and yellow serpentine mountains on the outskirts of the island.

The highest point on Leka is Vattinden (418 meters above the sea). Another well-known natural landmark is Lekamøya. The main trail along the Norwegian coast runs through Lekafjord. Gutvik on the mainland side is known for its caves, the coastal spruce forest in Sønndalslia and the crash site of the French pirate ship L’Enfant de la Patrie, which sank in 1798.

Good fishing opportunities and unique nature attract many visitors here every year.

* A geopark is an area with a unique geological natural heritage of international importance where the focus is on sustainable development, site development, knowledge dissemination and geotourism. Trollfjell Geopark is a collaborative project between the municipalities of Brønnøy, Vega, Vevelstad, Sømna, Bindal and Leka, and a focal point of the tourism strategy for Sør-Helgeland and Leka. The geopark will contribute to making the area more attractive and create value in the area by facilitating world-class activities and experiences based on Sør Helgeland’s and Leka’s unique geological history and phenomena. Trollfjell was recognized as a UNESCO Global Geopark in 2019.

 How to get to Leka?