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Boats and boat rentals

Out boats

We have many aluminium boats (Kvernø) for rent. Most are 19-footers with 60hp Yamaha 4-stroke engines. We also have a 22-foot Kvernøs with rudder housings and 110 hp Yamaha engines.

All boats are equipped with chart plotters and echo sounders. If you are planning to rent a boat, remember that life jackets are an absolute requirement. We recommend that you bring your own equipment, but we have vests that you can borrow if desired.

We also have kayaks for rent! Feel free to book a boat or kayak with us directly at


19ft/60 hp: 1200 kr per 24 hours
22ft/110hp: 1400 kr per 24 hours
(15% discount from day 7)
Delivery of boats between 10:00-16:00
(for special delivery times, please contact Leka Brygge.)
Returning boats before 09:00 on departurte day
(for special delivery times, please contact Leka Brygge.)

A favorite place for anglers

Leka Brygge is the ultimate starting point for anglers and fishermen of all kinds. Sea fishing around Leka is adventurous, with many different species and opportunities for large fish. We rent out modern and stable boats for sea fishing. If you want to rent a boat, it may be worthwhile to book well in advance. Please contact us at to make a reservation.