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Local food and drinks on the pier

Leka Brygge Café

The main building is found seaside at the far end of the pier. It also houses our restaurant surrounded by approx. 400 m2 of wharf floor with a deep water quay and wharf facility for small boats/guest wharf.

The café is a combination room which, in addition to being a restaurant, is also used for off-season conferences and meetings. Bryggskjæret, as we call the café room, is approx. 100 m2 and has room for approx. 50-60 dining guests. There is also outdoor seating on the pier in the summer, where the pier to the south is sheltered from the North Wind.

As a dinner guest you can enjoy both waves and birdlife while you relax. Maybe you will also spot one of our regular guests who live under the pier; Conrad the otter, who occasionally shows up for spectators? Many boats pass through Frøviksundet on a trip north or south along the coast. Watch boats and hearing their engines in the distance while dining and taking in the smells of the sea is an experience in itself.

The restaurant is normally open in the season from mid-May to the end of August. The menu varies, but the main menu will always consist of local food with a focus on what the sea and surrounding area provide us with raw materials – whether it is meat, fish, fruit or vegetables. We offer lunch and dinner. Breakfast can be ordered by appointment.

PS! See the menu under the pictures


Brygga´s fish soup with home-baked bread

Fresh shrimp, mussels

Fish burgers from a local butcher

Cod, salmon and pollock

Smoked salmon from Leka Lokalmat

We have eggs from a local producer

Traditional dishes such as hamburger plate, chicken burgers etc.

Freshly baked bread

Home-baked cakes, waffles, rolls etc.


We always try to have options available for those with allergies and vegans.

PS! We have ice cream that is popular for the little ones



We sell coffee, mineral water, beer and wine.