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Try kayaking at Leka

Experience Leka on a kayak! Leka’s archipelago is a favourite location for kayakers. We have a beautiful archipelago with thousands of islets, islands and reefs. Together with our unique and geologically strange landscape, this creates a great setting for a kayak trip. When you paddle around Leka, white sandy beaches or sheltered coves and a cosy pier will suddenly appear.

Leka is one of the first places in Norway to offer marked paddle routes, and we have our own paddling maps. We currently have 18 routes around the island of varying difficulty to choose from, divided into four areas.

Leka Brygge has kayaks for rent. Feel free to send us an e-mail well in advance to make sure that we have available capacity. We also have children’s kayaks at the pier so children or young people can try out and practice paddling in safe waters.


We hold basic sea kayaking courses at the pier during the summer/autumn seasons. The courses run over 2-3 full days and registration is binding. Further information will be posted on our website. Kayaks and paddles are included in the course fee.


The basic course provides an introduction to:

Carrying, lifting, launching and entering a kayak
Forward, backward and stopping strokes.
Draw stroke (moving sideways)
Low-brace stroke
Steering stroke (rear)
Swinging (swivel stroke and steering stroke)
Disembarkation and tie-up after reaching shore
Rescue techniques
Injury prevention
Trip planning
Basic seamanship (safety)
A little about outdoor life, the right of public access and leave-no-trace etc.