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Bike rides

Bike rides on Leka

Seeing Leka by bicycle is fantastic! This is the favourite activity for many visitors of Leka, with many hiking destinations in nature and the mountains out here. It is also possible to combine a bike ride with a summit trip to areas like Kolsettua, Vatting or Hagafjellet. The tour around the island runs about 26 kms and normally takes 1-3 hours depending on your pace. The road is easy to cycle and there is asphalt around the whole island. There is an occasional detour worth exploring that takes you to new places, like Bremneset.

Regardless of your shape, a trip around the island is entirely possible for all age groups. The nice thing about Leka is that there is relatively little traffic.

At Leka Brygge you can rent a brand new electric bike that makes the bike ride around the island a fun, exciting and fun excursion. We also rent bicycle carts that can be connected to the electric bike if there are smaller children in the entourage.