Boat rental

Sea fishing at Leka is marvellous, with many different species and opportunities for big fish. We rent out modern and stable boats for sea fishing.


If you would like to see Leka from the seaward side, we can offer training and guided tours with an instructor. This must be booked and agreed upon in advance.

Bicycle tours

Adapted trails exist around the island for children, adults, senior citizens and the disabled to get to experience

  • Leka’s history from Stone Age times at the Solsem Cave to the Viking age at Herlaugshaugen.
  • The fantastic and unique red-yellow serpentite mountains on the island’s seaward side – which make the island a geological attraction and Norway’s National Geological Monument
  • Famous natural memorial sites such as Lekamøya and Ørnerovet.

Eagle safari

  • A guided tour where you can get to experience the majestic Eagle snapping up fish just a few metres from the boat.

Guided tours

  • Experience the sights such as the Herlaugshaugen, Leka District Museum, Leka Church, Lekamøya, Solsemhula, Steinstind/Mannatind, Ørnerovet, Årdalstranda, Skeisnesset culture trail and the unique red-yellow serpentite mountains, and many other experiences.
  • Leka is Norway’s geological national monument: tourists, young and old, can walk on marked trails, to see and feel the different rock layers from the Earth’s crust to the Earth’s interior.

Hiking trails

  • Marked hiking trails in the mountains for the well-trained and easier terrain on Skeisnesset, for exercise and recreation.

Northern lights safari

  • Guided tour to get an optimal impression of the aurora borealis (northern lights).

Underwater diving

  • Leka is a paradise for divers. Here one can dive for shells, crabs, fish, go scuba-diving in the kelp forests, and down to old shipwrecks and cliffs.

Fresh water fishing in the mountains of Leka

  • There are many fishing lakes with excellent opportunities for catching trout.


  • Big game animals that can be hunted are moose and deer.
  • Small game species that can be hunted are grouse, black grouse, hare and greylag goose, as well as sea birds such as long-tailed ducks, red-breasted merganser (Mergus serrator) and cormorants.
  • The grey seal and common seal are also animals that can be hunted, but permission must be obtained from the Directorate of Fisheries for these.

Egg collecting

  • Collecting of eggs from herring gulls, black-backs or common gulls.


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