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Leka Brygge is located on the island municipality of Leka, North Trøndelag’s northernmost municipality. Leka is known for its diversity of stories and legends and spectacular natural scenery.

Leka has a very diverse landscape, from the wonderful fishing villages to the windswept islets and reefs in Hortavær and Sklinna and the most incredible rock formations, forests and mountains.

People have lived here for more than 10,000 years and Sagaøya can offer, among other things, cave paintings in Solsemhula, Norway’s second largest ship burial mound from the Viking era Herlaugshaugen, and Skeisnesset cultural heritage trail.

The municipality’s coat-of-arms symbolizes “ørnerovet“: the snatching of a child by an eagle – as happened in 1932. The three and a half year old Svanhild disappeared and was found again, in the best of health, by an eagle’s nest high up on a ledge on the rock face.

The island was recently named Norway’s Norway’s Geological National Monument  and is characterized by the wild red-yellow serpentinite mountains on the island’s seaward side – which makes the island a geological attraction.

The highest point on Leka is  Vattinden (418 metres  above sea level). Another famous natural attraction is   Lekamøya.

The main sea-route along the Norwegian coast goes through Leka Fjord. Gutvik on the mainland side is known for its caves, coastal spruce in Sønndalslia and the site of the sinking of the French privateer, “L’Enfant de la Patrie”, which sank in 1798.

The main industries in Leka are agriculture and aquaculture. Good fishing possibilities and the distinctive nature attract many visitors here every year.

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